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Wi-Fi and Power @ RA

June 21, 2013

Delegates are encouraged to download convention-related materials prior to coming to Denver, CO. If you must download items after arrival, you are encouraged to download from your hotel before arriving at the convention center.

There will be charging stations for personal computing devices available in the RA and Delegates Café. Do not leave your device unattended.

Please be courteous to your fellow delegates while on the convention center’s wireless network by avoiding high-bandwidth data such as streaming music, video, or other large file downloads.

Delegates using laptops, netbooks, smartphones, and other devices while at the convention center should fully charge batteries prior to arriving, and carry back-up batteries if available.

Never leave your devices unattended and keep in a safe place.

More information about wi-fi access, charging stations, and Lost & Found will be posted as soon as it becomes available.